Becoming Visible

Building a website today doesn’t guarantee that potential clients will ever see it. With so much “noise” out there getting noticed is a challenge. Neale Internet provides a complete solution that includes;

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Online Advertising
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media

Search Engine Optimization

Having your website listing displayed on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo when a potential client is searching for your product or service is the best way to “become visible”. We can help you get better search engine positioning that will generate more website visitors and more sales.

We are an official Google Partner and our search engine optimization specialists are fully up-to-date on all of the latest Google algorithm changes like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon (Local Only), EMD (Exact Match Domain) and Top Heavy.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Although some of the optimization methods used are the same as Organic SEO there are several others that are different for Local SEO. The need to be well optimized for local users has grown dramatically over the last few years since Google has placed greater emphasis on it’s Google My Business, Google + and Google Maps services.

The ever increasing use of mobile devices like smartphones has changed the way people see search engine results. When a potential client is searching for a product or service you provide Google will return results that are tailored to their current location.

We have been doing Organic Search Optimization for clients for more than 15 years and have specialized in Local SEO since 2010.

Paid Advertising

Paid online advertising using services like Google AdWords is fast and effective. Within hours of setting up the account we can have a steady stream of qualified customers and clients visiting your website.

Neale Internet utilizes several online paid advertising services including Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook PPC. We service businesses of all sizes and geographic target markets.

As a longtime Google Partner we are always aware of the latest techniques and strategies to insure the right people click your ads and take the actions you want when they arrive at your website.

Neale Internet has been managing online paid advertising since 1999 when we used the first company to offer an “auction style” PPC service called (later renamed “Overture” and eventually purchased by Yahoo).

Email Marketing & Automation

Email Marketing is possibly the most effective marketing method of all for small business IF you have an Email List.

In recent years Social Media has dominated the media and been so oversold that Email Marketing is rarely spoken about. But an Email List is an audience that you own whereas a Social Media audience is owned by somebody else like Facebook.

In recent years many companies spend thousands of dollars growing their Facebook audience for example only to have Facebook change the rules and only allow them very limited access to that audience. To communicate effectively to the audience that they built Facebook now charges a fee.

There are 4 parts to our Email Marketing System

  1. Organize and segment your current email list if you have one
  2. Develop a system to constantly grow that list
  3. Create campaigns like Newsletters, Special Offers, Training & Education, Automated Email Series
  4. Install software to measure and evaluate

Content Marketing

A lot has changed over the last few years. Content has become more important than ever.

Written content for your website can improve your visibility with search engines like Google and bring you more “free” search engine traffic.

If you want to use Social Media to it’s full potential then you need to offer quality content not just share links and talk about the weather.

Video is only going to get bigger and more important to businesses this year and that is also content.

Email Marketing can greatly improve the profitability of your company and to do this well you need to talk with your subscribers,engage with them, offer them useful information, special offers and even education and training. All content.

Social Media

You need to be wherever your customers are and whatever Social Media platform they use you should have a presence there. Depending on what business you are in Social Media may play a big part in your marketing strategy. Some much more than others.

We admit that we have a different take on Social Media and feel that most agencies oversell this service. It IS beneficial but only in certain cases and for certain businesses.

Let’s talk and see what Social Media might do, or not do, for your company.