In today’s world expect MORE from your website. It goes without saying that your site should look beautiful and professional but it should also help grow and improve your business.

Our web designers and content creation people have the experience to make a site look great AND have it achieve your companies’ goals. Whether you are looking for your phone to ring more, sell more products online or simply convince your website visitors to visit your location we can make that happen.

More than 90% of the business sites we develop today are built using the WordPress platform but we also use other platforms and technologies if they provide a better solution. All websites, regardless of technology or platform used are fully responsive (will display well on all devices including smartphones) and use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards.


By far the most common platform we use. It’s free, the most popular website platform in the world and can be utilized to create almost any type of site. It’s easy to use, well supported and can be hosted on every major hosting provider. Whether you are looking for a simple lead generating site for local business, an ecommerce site to sell products or even if you are a large multinational mainly looking for a highly designed, global brands more interested in branding and image.


If ecommerce is your primary goal, you have a lot of products and you have a larger budget then we usually recommend Shopify. Shopify is a dedicated ecommerce platform that will fit the needs of almost any company looking to sell products online. It has more power and features than most WordPress plugins.


Sometimes a company’s needs cannot be fulfilled by any “off the shelf” solution. For clients that need their website or mobile application to do almost anything then ColdFusion is what we use. For me details about ColdFusion please visit the Adobe website.

Basic HTML

Just looking for something simple and fast-loading, maybe a basic landing page highlighting a product or a service? The advantages of straight HTML are that;

  • The page will load very quickly
  • No monthly maintenance required… set and forget
  • Inexpensive